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You Wanna be a Pirate?


Dear Future Privateers,


When I first started Living like a Pirate Gear the idea was to travel, have some fun, make a few bucks & have a tax write off. In less than 3 years we have come a long way. We travel, have fun, drink rum & make a few bucks but it’s also turned into a full time business. I can’t begin to tell about all the wonderful people we have met, places we have gone & adventures we have had. Many people have asked about becoming a part of LLAP, so this is what we have come up with…….


We are looking for Privateers to go have fun while selling Living like a Pirate Gear. There’s no franchising, no contracts; nothing too formal (that’s not really our style). Instead, we’ll show you how to get set up, sell you some gear, give you tips on selling and hopefully bring a few more Pirates out of the closet.


We’re not strict about this whole thing— we’re open to ideas. If you want to strap a tiki torch to your back, blast some Jimmy Buffet, and walk down the streets of NYC meeting people and slinging T-Shirts, go right ahead. If you want to turn an old car into a mock pirate boat and ride it up and down the suburban streets like a Pirate ice cream man, we’re with ya! You can get creative. We have had the most success going to events we would go to anyway & set up shop.


If you join, we will do our best to insure you are the only Pirate selling LLAP Gear in your area & we are only looking for a maximum of 250 people in the entire US. Since June, 25 Privateers in 13 states have come on board. Our Goal is 50 by the end of this year, 150 next & 250 by the end of 2015. If we get too big we wont be able to do all the things that inspired us to start this.


We run this company with only 3 rules


1– Everyone must have Fun


2– Everyone shares in the Spoils


3– We only work with like minded People


 This program is mainly for people who like to have fun while they work, rather than hardcore businesspeople. Living Like a Pirate is about a little bit of rum, a little bit of sun, and a dollar or two for your troubles. If this works we can all be sitting on the beach drinking Painkillers soon. If that sounds interesting to you, CLICK HERE and we’ll see what we can do together, savvy?

Captain Dave


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